"Pencil Out the Math" — Miles, New York

When we caught Miles Perry taking a rare break from working his organic farm in upstate New York, we asked him how Hybrid85's 80-day performed in a field trial. But first we asked him: What's the biggest change you've seen in farming?
"Not relying on conventional wisdom,"" he said. "The seed and fertilizer dealer isn't your friend — you are their lunch ticket."
So what's a farmer to do?
"Question all your inputs," he says. "[Ask] Is this product good for my soil's health? Is this the right move? There is more than just putting a seed in the ground and sprinkling fertilizer beside it."
Amen. An organic grower, Perry loves to spend his days out in nature where he can see his hard work pay off in real time.
"Everything I do on my fields has a result, and I love seeing results in everything I do! It can be the simple act of tillage, or putting the seed in the ground," he said. "Or it can be more complex by improving fertility or building up and feeding the biological life."
So, when Perry went looking for a seed company that had a shorter and true GDU hybrid for organic crop production, that would actually dry down, he saw an ad for Hybrid85 on Facebook and gave us a call.
"I spoke with the [Hybrid85] team and I was able to learn about the lineage of these varieties and I felt confident in the company," he says.
Remember, Perry questions every input — and seed dealer's motives. So he ran a field trial against his old seed company's product. With all external variables the same — tillage, fertilizer, weather, weed management — Hybrid85's 80-day, non-GMO hybrid (H80C Conventional) yielded 30-45 bushel more per acre than the competitor.
"I was tickled pink with the result!" he said. "... I had better stands, dry down, test weight and yields. I purchased all of 2021's seed from this distribution network."
We asked him. What would you tell your buddies about Hybrid85?
"We all farm because it is what we love," he says. "At the end of the day if we aren't profitable our days are numbered. So, go against the curve, try something different, move away from corporate America and invest in the little guy."
"Go give Hybrid85 a try on, a little bit of your acres. After I penciled out the math, it worked for me, why can't it work for you?"

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