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Say Goodbye to Glyphosate Tolerance
and Hello to Non-GMO Corn: The Future of Farming
Weed Control in Non-GMO Corn: Easier Than You Think!
Weed control in conventional (Non-GMO) corn doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With our Non-GMO Seed and Herbicide Guide, we can show you how to effectively control weeds without the use of glyphosate or glufosinate during the growing season. In fact, most herbicides used in conventional corn production can also be used in Non-GMO corn, making the transition to Non-GMO farming a straightforward and cost-effective choice.
Benefits of Non-GMO Seed
  • Premium for Non-GMO Grain
  • Improve livestock digestibility leading to better animal health
  • Cost-savings upfront on seed purchase (compared to $300/bag)
Non-GMO Corn Herbicides: Safe and Effective Weed Control Solutions


There are countless combinations of herbicides that can be utilized. We recommend connecting with your local chemical supplier to see what they offer and to discuss which products work best in your region.

Most recommended herbicide programs will contain combinations of many of the following chemestries:

Farmers may choose to use glyphosate as a pre-plant burndown to help control weeds before planting. When applying glyphosate as a pre-plant burndown, it is important to follow label instructions and best practices for application to ensure optimal results.

Some alternatives to glyphosate for pre-plant burndown include some combination of:
2,4-D, Acuron, Aim, atrazine, Balance Flexx, Corvus, dicamba, DiFlexx DUO, Fierce, glyphosate, Landmaster II, Sharpen, Verdict, etc.


Pre-emergent herbicides can prevent weed seeds from germinating and reduce the overall weed pressure in your fields.

—  Grass Control
—  Broadleaf Control
  • dicamba – e.g. Status® –
  • 2,4-D (use with caution or crop damage can occur) –
  • mesotrione – e.g. Callisto® –
  • dimethenamid-P – e.g. Outlook® –
  • Atrazine –
  • tembotrione – e.g. Laudis® or Carpeno® –
  • topramezone – e.g. Impact® –
  • nicosulfuron – e.g. Accent® QPrimero (generic)  –
  • S-rimsulfuron + mesotrione – e.g. Realm® Q – (certain annual grasses)
  • S-metolachlor – e.g. Dual II Magnum® – (small-seeded broadleaf weeds)
  • acetochlor – e.g. Harness® – (small-seeded broadleaf weeds)
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the yield potential of this corn?
You can view some farmer-provided yields as well as a plot trial on our results page.
What is a unit / bag? How many lbs per bag?
Each bag has 80,000 kernels. Weights vary by kernel size, but average bag weight is 50 lbs.
Can I get untreated seed?
Yes! During our checkout process, we ask if you would like your seed treated or non treated. Many of our growers have successfully used our provided Non-GMO affidavit with their Organic Certifier without any issues.