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'What Hybrid85 Allows the Farmer to do Makes all the Difference' - Successful Farming
Lauryn Higgins - 1/5/2021
We founded Hybrid85 on the principle of helping farmers maximize net profit per acre, and it means a great deal to have Successful Farming Magazine highlight that.
You're Not Alone: 5 Mental Health Resources for Farmers
Lauryn Higgins - 5/6/2020
We at Hybrid85 understand how important your mental health is, so we’ve rounded up five of the best mental health resources to help you get through these uncharted waters.
5 Steps for Corn Farmers to Maximize Net Profit
Nate Belcher - 2/21/2020
The struggle is real, so use these tips to cut inputs and increase your farm's margin
Hybrid85 passes profits onto farmers
Henry Nunn - Silicon Prairie News - 3/4/2020
At the very top of the Nebraska State Capitol building stands a 32-foot tall bronze statue of the Sower, a figure representing agriculture’s vital role in the development of modern civilization. (Read More)
Seed trends: More seed choices and suppliers for organic, continued strong demand for non-GMO
Ken Roseboro - The Organic & Non-GMO Report - 12/27/2019
The organic seed market is seeing more seed choices, more seed suppliers, and more use of organic seed by farmers in some sectors, while economics drives the market for non-GMO seed. (Read More)
Non-GMO corn seed outperforming GM seed in field trials
Ken Roseboro - The Organic & Non-GMO Report - 12/27/2019
Runs contrary to biotech industry claim that GM seeds produce greater yields than non-GMO varieties. (Read More)
Upstart business looking to help farmers save money through corn seed
John Madden - 3 News Now Omaha - 11/14/2019
As the ongoing trade war between America and China continues, markets for farmers continue to be impacted. One Nebraska company is hoping to help keep money in the pockets of those farmers, thanks to the help of corn seed and technology. (Read More)
Non-GMO seed company Hybrid85 urges farmers: ‘Farm for net. Keep more cut'
Aberdeen News - 11/8/2019
As United States farmers continue to battle tough commodity prices, markets and weather conditions, regenerative agriculture specialist Nate Belcher says it’s time for those farmers to get a win. And it’s going to require a slight shift in mindset. (Read More)
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