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Non-GMO Seed Corn That Yields — Starting at Just $85 A Bag Proven genetics at an honest price

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Here's How We Offer High-Quality Corn Starting at Just $85/bag
We Cut the Fat
We're an independent small business built differently than big brands. We don't pay for a big dealer network and commissions, buildings, expensive advertising, or trait royalties. Instead, we maintain low overhead, sell direct, and, actually, pass the savings to you.
Premium Production
Like us, our top-of-the-line production facility lives in the heart of corn country. With 80-plus years of experience, they feature the most advanced equipment and technology, from conditioning to color sorting, treating to packaging. Learn more
Tried-and-True Genetics
Your big brand dealer has never met the breeder. We work directly with ours to breed hybrids from the rock star inbreds — the proven performers. Our hybrids will kick butt and make you think twice about what goes into a $250-$300 bag of corn.
From the Farmer's Mouth
Russ and family in front of corn field
"Being in dairy it seems that the margins get tighter every year. Hybrid85 gives us an advantage in feed costs and provides quality feed. It lets us keep more profit in our pocket."
—Russ, Ohio
25 ton/acre silage with H109SC
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"Hybrid85 does the job it says it will. I tried a few bags in 2020, and now it’s all I’m planting for 2021. I don’t know a better testament than that."
—Alan, Utah
238 bu/acre field average with H97C9
Corn field shwing Hybrid85 corn
"We had the 114 day hybrid go 274 bushel at 15.8% moisture on a field-wide, irrigated pivot. I will take a yield like that any day of the week, while putting an extra $53/acre back in my pocket from seed savings per acre!"
—Tim, Nebraska
274 bushel/acre field average with H114C
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Hybrid85 ears of corn from above
"In this area, H117SC9 is a home run. For dryland acres around here, it's the one! It blew us away with how well it took to the lighter soils and handled the heat and drought we had. Those stalks at low pop were almost the size of a can drink."
—Aubrey, Alabama
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Woman in corn field showing Hybrid85 corn ears
"It’s the best looking non gmo corn we have ever had down here."
—Majestic Farms LLC, North Carolina
125 bu/acre dryland with H117SC9
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Maximize Your Harvest with RegeN Pack
Unlock the full potential of every seed with our advanced RegeN Pack biological seed treatment. Formulated with cutting-edge science, this treatment is designed to elevate your crop's growth and resilience. Add this powerful treatment to your seeds for just $18 more per bag during checkout.
microalgae in soil
Boost Soil Health
Activate your soil's ecosystem with Phycoterra® ST for better nutrient availability and water retention.
microorganisms in plant roots
Fuel Growth
Encourage vigorous plant development with N-Gen nitrogen-fixing microbes for optimized nitrogen uptake.
zinc, manganese, potassium in plant
Ensure Resilience
Strengthen your crops against stress with Sembolite's essential micronutrients for robust growth.
Elevate your farming with RegeN Pack and watch your productivity — and profitability — soar. Discover the science behind better yields. Enhance your order with RegeN Pack at just $18 extra per bag — selectable right before you complete your purchase.
Make Each Acre You Work More Valuable
Save Thousands on Inputs
Our 35 varieties of non-GMO seed corn starting at $85/unit that can outperform $250-$300 bags.
Want to see what that could mean for your operation? Do the math.
Avoid Dealer Haggle
Save time and headaches with easy, online purchasing, farm-direct shipping — and no pushy salesmen.
Gain Breathing Room
Some customers use cost savings to hire help or buy new equipment. Others experiment in soil regeneration, alternative fertility management, or available subsidies.
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We Don't Just Care About the Farm. We Care About the Farmer.

Satisfied farmers in 46 US states
Zero pushy dealers breathing down your neck
Individual farmers have saved $30,000+ annually
'Performer' category with corn as a rocket
High-yielders well suited for productive soils
'Adaptable' category with corn as swiss army knife
Potential for high Yields in productive soils, and stability in less-ideal conditions
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Tough As Nails
Over-achiever in marginal soils & adverse conditions
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With inputs rising faster than commodity prices, it's tough to get ahead as a family farmer. With quality, non-GMO/conventional corn hybrids starting at just $85 a bag that can out-perform the $250 bags, makes it easy to save thousands on inputs without sacrificing yield.
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