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Boost Your Crop Yield with RegeN Pack Biological Seed Treatment

Unlock the power of nature with our
scientifically formulated seed treatment.
Discover the benefits of our exclusive biological RegeN Pack, including N-Gen nitrogen-fixing microbes, Phycoterra® ST microalgae for soil health, and essential micronutrients from Nufarm Sembolite.

Benefits of RegeN Pack

Soil Health

Enhanced Soil Health

Experience improved nutrient availability and water retention with Phycoterra® ST, fostering a healthier soil ecosystem.

Plant Growth

Robust Plant Growth

HaFa N-Gen ensures optimal nitrogen assimilation, leading to stronger, more vigorous plant growth.

Increased Yield

Increased Yield and ROI

Maximize your harvest and return on investment with the synergistic effects of RegeN Pack components.

Eco-Friendly Farming

Eco-Friendly Farming

Contribute to sustainable agriculture with our eco-friendly, non-GMO RegeN Pack treatment.

Stress Resilience

Improved Stress Resilience

Sembolite enhances plant resilience, ensuring robust growth even under stress conditions.

Safe and Natural

Safe and Natural

Trust in the safety of our all-natural, non-toxic seed treatment, safe for crops, soil, and the environment.

N-Gen: The Natural Nitrogen Booster

Harness the Power of Microbes for Enhanced Nitrogen Fixation

microorganisms in plant roots
N-Gen, a key component of the RegeN Pack, is a nano-driven, natural bio-adjuvant. It consists of carefully selected microbes that produce enzymes within the plant tissue, optimizing nitrogen assimilation from the soil and air. This advanced technology not only boosts plant health but also significantly improves yield and crop resilience. By enhancing the rhizosphere process and bio-stimulation, N-Gen contributes to a more sustainable and efficient agricultural practice.
  • Safe and natural, not genetically modified.
  • Enhances nitrogen uptake from soil and atmosphere.
  • Improves crop health and yield.
  • Compatible with standard farming practices, including with liquid fertilizers and herbicides.
  • Eco-friendly and contributes to sustainable agriculture.

Phycoterra: Soil Health Enhancer

Activating Soil Microbes for Superior Crop Quality

microalgae in soil
Phycoterra stands out as a vital component of the RegeN Pack with its unique ability to activate soil microbes. This microbial food product, derived from microalgae, exponentially increases microbial activity, leading to improved soil health, enhanced nutrient availability, and better water retention. Phycoterra's role in optimizing the soil ecosystem translates to healthier crops, higher yields, and greater resilience against stress, making it an indispensable asset for sustainable farming.
  • Microbial Activation: Phycoterra's microalgae-based formulation wakes up 75% of dormant microbes in the soil, significantly contributing to crop growth and development.
  • Improved Germination and Vigor: Enhances early plant vigor, root structure development, and stand establishment, leading to improved overall crop quality.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with other seed treatment blends, ensuring easy integration into existing farming practices.
  • Proven Results: Demonstrated effectiveness in various cropping systems with notable ROI and yield increases.
  • Award-Winning Technology: Recognized for its innovation in sustainable agriculture, Phycoterra is an award-winning solution for modern farming challenges.

Sembolite: Micronutrient Boost

Elevating Crop Nutrition with Essential Micronutrients

zinc, manganese, potassium in plant
Sembolite is a crucial element in the RegeN Pack, offering a unique blend of chelated micronutrients that are vital for plant growth. Its formula enhances nitrogen assimilation, boosts photosynthesis efficiency, and improves overall plant health and nutritional value. By providing key nutrients like potassium, manganese, and zinc, Sembolite ensures that crops receive the essential elements they need for vigorous growth and increased productivity, making it a cornerstone of advanced agricultural solutions.

Advanced Chemistry for Optimal Growth:
  • Unique Formulation: Sembolite mimics 2-Hydroxy-5-Oxyproline, a natural plant metabolite, to increase nitrogen assimilation and utilization.
  • Multi-Patented Technology: It accelerates carbon fixation and boosts photosynthesis, leading to faster crop growth and increased biomass.
  • Enhanced Nutritional Value: Increases the nutritional content of crops, including essential amino acids.
  • Documented Impact: Demonstrated improvements in crop health, yield, and resilience across various agricultural settings.